Upgrade to the new form builder?

I was offered suddenly by a popup offering me to to “Upgrade to the new form builder”.

What is this? Is this the Interfaces form? Or something different?
Am I losing something if press upgrade?
If I don’t like the new one, can I still go back to the old one without issues?

The old forms were working for me okay, I don’t have high requirements, and for things that forms didn’t work well, I doubt the new forms do that (like linked record lookup and populate other fields in the table based on the lookup… etc)

It is an Interface-like form, not quite the same thing as the “form page” interface type. Yes I know that is confusing.

There are very specific things missing from the new forms experience (mainly certain post-submission options like re-directing the user or emailing the user a copy of the response), but other things that are gained (like default values and grouped fields).

Form views aren’t being depreciated at the moment, so yes.

Correct, that specific feature is not available in the new forms. It is far more possible to implement in the future however. New forms do let you pre-filter linked records based on who the logged-in user is, which form views can’t.

I talked about the key differences on today’s BuiltOnAir episode, S16 E07

Thank you for covering the differences both here and on the BuiltOnAir episode (you do great work with those and I would recommend it to anyone). I found that very helpful, and did some experimenting.

One thing that does disturb me that I though would be worth mentioning. When you convert a form and proceed to modify and publish it seems to exist in a world in between the data section and an interface. The old version of the form still exists on the data workspace, and the new version doesn’t appear as an active page on an interface (which makes me wonder what happens if you haven’t created an interface for that base). I was questioning my sanity (not unusual at my age), but eventually went to edit mode on the existing interface and it appears that they have added a new section on the bottom for reports, which is where I found it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought it worth mentioning in case there are others that run into this.