Coming soon to Interfaces!

Last week, we saw some big improvements to Airtable’s Interfaces! :star_struck: :clinking_glasses:

You can read more about the new interface changes (and other Airtable changes) in these 2 blog posts:

But what I also found very exciting are the 3 upcoming, not-yet-released, interface features that they mentioned in the 2nd blog post:

  • Coming soon: You’ll have the ability to add and edit fields directly in Interface Designer, so you can control your workflow without having to click back and forth between your interface and your base.
  • You’ll also be able to create notifications, like date-based reminders or messages that send when records are updated, so you can automate your interface build itself.
  • And one last improvement: You’ll soon be able to search for specific records across any view type, saving you the extra time you’d take to hunt around in the base. See this come alive in Interface Designer next month!

Post your thoughts below about all the new Interface changes!

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I don’t think I understand what they mean by this… but I suppose we’ll find out in April 2023!

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What I’m glad to see is that they don’t remove the old interface designing elements.

The new page templates that they offer have their value. Multiple views and filters/tabs are pretty slick, but I get a little wary that a lot of it feels like 90% complete.

Like, for instance, lists. In interfaces, the lists view doesn’t take on the color coding of the group (ie. Grey or purple background).

Or Kanban view. The plus button on each stack only allows you to configure fields that show on the kanban view. Even though they updated forms and added side views, kanban is still broken.

Though side views for records and form are really nice.

There just seems to be a lot of really neat features that aren’t ‘complete’, and even though I’d like to believe they will eventually ‘complete’ them, they seem to come out with other, newer features without polishing off the blemishes of the old features.

That has been their tactic for years now, unfortunately.