Interface Update: Create new linked records button

Hi all,
Did anyone else notice a new button in the top right corner of editable linked records fields within Interface side sheets? I’m awaiting info from a client’s AT CSM and will share what I learn.

Sounds exciting, but I’m not seeing it.

Can you share screen shots?

I just created a very long question / post about how to handle something that this might largely solve!! I’m very curious!

I’m only seeing that button when clicking into a linked field cell in a grid layout, on the center pop-up. I think it was always possible to create new linked records in an interface if the field was editable, but it wasn’t a button. It was a prompt that came up if there was no matching record for the user input. Or was that just the behavior in grid views in the base, not in Interface?

Regarding the button, unfortunately the user interaction is counterintuitive. The other “Add Record” buttons in Interface open a side sheet form when clicked, where users can add all details (that have been set to editable). With the “Create a New Activity” it creates a record from whatever has already been typed in the search box - even if nothing has been entered yet. I got a call yesterday from one of my team members asking why all she could create was a bunch of records called “unnamed record”. I had to go play with the button, figure out the behavior, then explain to her that she had to 1. click in the empty linked record field, 2. type the name of the new record she wanted to create 3. click the “create” button 4. click on the newly created linked record in the linked record field to bring up the side sheet 5. enter the additional info for the record in the side sheet.

Sorry, just had to vent because these subtle inconsistencies within Airtable drive me crazy!

I would love the ability to create linked records on several different tables from one record picker/record summary layout, but I don’t see a way to use this new button to accomplish that.