Yay! Brand new hierarchical list view added to Airtable!

Wow! It’s what we’ve wanted our entire lives!

Just released within the last 60 minutes!

Originally noticed by @Databaser on the BuiltOnAir podcast and Ben Bailey in the BuiltOnAir Slack community!

You can now build 3 levels of hierarchies in Airtable — by using the new “List” view or the new “List” Element in interfaces!


Ben Bailey found this support article on Airtable’s site:

Nice new view! This will help enormously with waterfall built bases! Only thing I can think of thus far, is that it isn’t shareable.

Edit 1: and a “collapse all” option, like the group functionality in the gridd view has, that would also be useful.

Edit 2: it also seems that a level (level 1 in my case) doesn’t show if the level 2 above links to a synced view. I was hoping it would show that level, but just - of course - not let us change anything on that level.

Good sleuthing, @Databaser! Some interesting drawbacks you found there. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even had a chance to play with this new feature yet!

Importantly, Airtable look to be taking feedback on this new feature from their post - so be sure to post over there to let them know your thoughts too. I’ve posted about a few lacking features - fingers crossed that at least a couple of them can be addressed.

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Update: You can expand/collapse an entire level if you right-click.

I did :muscle:


Hmmm, do you think that - this could be a prerequisite step being made by Airtable to support pre-filtered records within a Linked Field (or the creation of a new type of Linked Field that supports such ideas?)