Universe published my Base but it doesn't show up

I recently published my 3rd Base to Airtable Universe, but it’s not visible. If I provide a link to the Base on Universe to another collaborator the base shows up on Universe when that collaborator clicks on it.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Any ideas as to why it doesn’t show up? The base has script blocks and an automation that runs a script. Airtable replaces all scripts, and that makes sense, but I’m wondering if my base isn’t being published due to some issue around automations or scripts.

This didn’t happen when I published my first two bases to Universe some time back. Has anyone seen this behavior before? The official Community site shows the same problem from a post a few years ago, with no replies.

I emailed support@airtable.com but all I got was an automated reply suggesting I check out the Airtable Community and Knowledge Base sites. Any ideas on how I can get around this issue?

There are different levels of being “published” on the Airtable universe. Bases that you publish are more or less immediately available via direct link. However, bases are only discoverable via browsing/search after they have been reviewed by Airtable. And it can take a long time for Airtable to get around to reviewing a base. I suspect that there are fewer people available to review bases after the layoffs late last year.

I doubt that the issue is due to your automatons or scripts.

It has been a while since I last attempted to published a base on the universe. If I recall correctly, automations were not included but extensions (including scripting extension) were.

Thanks Kuovonne, that’s very helpful. Since I can publish the direct link I’ll just have to be patient about the review. My first two entries in Universe were available by search pretty quickly. I’m guessing you’re right about the lack of Airtable reviewers.