Airtable performance in the last 4-6 hours

Our team is working on a single base, views that would open in seconds, remain loading after 5 min and automations on Make time out,too. This has started around 4-6 hours ago and is an ongoing issue for multiple users.

Is anyone else experiecng this?

My clients do not seem to be having problems today.

I’ve been working on about 5 to 10 bases today at a time. I’ve had no issues!

Generally have the feeling that Airtable has gotten slower in the past weeks… Could also be my internet though being based in Berlin :smiley:

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It appers only one base is affected. For the last +12 hours, tables/views stopped loading records and API calls are partly timing out, too. This affects all users, across different browsers, the app, devices and locations.

I cannot detect any unusual behavior, but might be looking in the wrong places. Has anyone encountered such a situation before and can offer any advice on how to address the issue, identify and fix the situation?

I would alert about the issue, although you may not hear back from them for a while.

Thanks, I had contacted them yesterday and waiting fo a response. Will (hopefully) share the solution here later on…

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I didn’t hear back from the Airtable team, but the situation recovered by itself after around 72 hours. I had duplicated the base and worked on the copy in the meantime, which worked just fine. There was also the option to switch from data view to automations or interface, going back to data the view loaded records until the next page reload…

One of our freelance developers encountered the same issue with the bases of two clients within the same time frame.