New pricing for Pro plan?

Did I miss an announcement or is this a temporary discount? The Pro plan is now being offered at $ 12 / month, rather than $ 24 / month.

Still shows up at the old prices for me. Are you logged in?

Aha, I was logged in, yes. Seems like I’m getting a reduction for some reason :man_shrugging:

Probably a typo. Notice the fine print in your screen shot says $24/month.

You could think so, but at workspace level, it says “… at $144 per collaborator per year…”, while another account says “…at $24 per collaborator per month…”, so there is a difference :thinking:

The typo could be at a lower level. Or you could try snagging a workspace at those prices and see what happens. If it works at those prices but you don’t really want that workspace, you could sell the workspace to someone else who wants a bargain. But I still think it is a typo.

That’s so bizarre! I’m not seeing the lower pricing on my end, either! I wonder if they’re offering some special promotion for certain people? Perhaps for European clients, since you’re in Europe and they’re trying to branch out to the European market?

Hmm, I’ll check my next invoice and let you know if I’m getting a discount :upside_down_face: But probably not.

Does not look like a mistake since they said “Normally $20”

You’re right!

Maybe this is some A/B testing? I recall a while ago they experimented with offering “Pro Starter Pack” for up to five users at a great discount. But the offer only showed up to some users.

Do you own a Plus workspace? The $12/month plan matches the per month rate of a Plus plan paid annually. Maybe it is an effort to get Plus users to upgrade to Pro?

Nope, only Pro.

On an account where I do not have a paid plan, I have just noticed this…

That is a gooood deal! :smiley:

Whoa! That’s only $6 per month per Pro Account for an entire year. It normally costs $20 per month for one Pro Account, so you’re basically getting 3.5 Pro accounts for free!