After a long wait, we've finally received some affection and attention

After a long wait, we’ve finally received some affection and attention.

Powerful new features to govern and scale with ease

Regarding the new pricing plan, note that they have downgraded 5 important features on the $20 plan:

  1. Automation runs have been cut in half from 50,000 automation runs to 25,000 automation runs.
  2. API calls have been reduced from unlimited to 100,000.
  3. Attachment space has been cut in half from 20 GB to 10 GB.
  4. Multi-source syncing has been eliminated.
  5. Customizable syncs including the sync API and emailed CSV sync are now “premium syncs” (only available with the $45 Business plan).

Perhaps I will upgrade to Business, leave only myself as Admin to work on the structure and enjoy two-way sync and move everybody else to the Noloco Front End?

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I really like your idea @tobias and see some clients with more than a handful of Pro accounts doing the same.

Multi-source sync, which I have been using, is also being removed from the Pro plan. Looks like the next few weeks are going to be busy.

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The unanticipated economic consequences of constraints.

This will likely be regarded as the opposite of affection and attention in the long run. As @tobias has suggested, the business tier is certainly ideal for the “Maker”, but neither of the first two tiers are ideally suited or priced for data producers and consumers.

I think we’re at the leading edge of the next Airtable customer-facing crisis.

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Customers are not happy -

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As @tobias mentioned, moving your users over to Noloco is a good alternative to any pricing changes (future or past) in Airtable.

If anyone wants to learn more, or have a quick demo do just let me know


The 20 dollar plan was cheap comparatively to what it offered, would have expected the new price be 29 or 30 dollars. More than double for basically same thing. They evidently see opportunity to squeeze more cash, and from the small accounts, get rid of the smaller accounts that just take storage space and resources. This could be also pre-IPO prep to shore up the balance sheet for the next year, I would say next year will be IPO if other things don’t go south.

Note the employee comment mentions a Starter plan, what is that. Is that the old Plus plan?

“Customers who currently have access to discounted plans (non-profit, education, starter, etc.) will maintain those discounts when migrated to the new plans.”

The BI will be extra addon yet on top of the plans.

“When we release to general availability, Airtable AI will be a paid add-on for users on paid plans.”

That is not placing Airtable in anywhere in the pole position. I would have expected they would say… BI included with certain number of credits and then you can purchase additional credits.

Hi. There’s a lot of mention of Noloco here. Had never heard of it. Im curious, How does that compare with Softr? I would like to have a customer facing portal with possibly 100s of users. Airtable pricing wouldn’t make sense on that scale, so was looking at third-party tools.

Welcome to the community, @karlcassar!

I haven’t used Softr much yet, but I feel like Softr is best for creating the most beautiful websites & portals, whereas Noloco is best for creating the most advanced portals that you can dream of.

Noloco’s feature set is insanely advanced & massively complex, including dynamic field value dropdowns (which Softr doesn’t have yet, as far as I know).

But Noloco may be too advanced & complex for many people’s needs, so I’m also looking forward to diving into Softr as well.

Softr is also a much larger company with significantly more funding and a much larger staff, so there might be some advantages there.

I think that you can’t go wrong with either tool. It seems like Noloco and Softr are probably the 2 leading portal tools at the moment.

I give a brief overview of Noloco on this episode of the BuiltOnAir Podcast: