Onboarding New Clients to your own Workspace or theirs

Hey everyone,

I am doing some volunteer work for a non-profit and building a CRM for them with Airtable. They don’t currently have an Airtable account but are all in on this solution. Is it better to ask them to set up their account and create a workspace and invite me to it? OR would you recommend I just create the base and invite them to it.

I feel like it is better it lives on their own Workspace but then I would need to have a meeting just to walk them through that initial setup.

What do y’all think?

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I like to do a proof-of-concept base in my own workspace so that I can get started right away. I might provide read-only access to the client, but not edit access because I don’t want to have to pay for them.

Then I have a meeting where I show them how to share a workspace and/or upgrade it and I move the base to their workspace and walk them through using it.

Since they are a non-profit, they can also get Airtable for half off.


I love that workflow and I didn’t know they could get a non-profit discount. They’ll be excited to know that. Thanks @Kuovonne !

This page has more info, including instructions on how to apply.