Max length in URL for pre-filled form is 16000 characters for Airtable Form - but may depend on browser

Not sure if this is well known, but I always thought I am limited to 2000 characters in URL for pre-filled forms. Well I missed the fact Airtable does in fact support 16,000 characters URL fo refilled forms and I created all my forms by thinking it is still 2048 characters. When I search online, this is actually the answer I get mostly and even the first Google search result reveals the same. Did I misunderstood it?

In case you are wondering why your browser has specific issue, it may be limited to your browser. I see Chrome now supports longer URL but other browsers may not. Surprise in this is Opera browser supporting whooping190,000 characters URL, that in theory would allow to put a whole novel into the URL, but I doubt any server would handle any close to that. Safari does support more than 8000 characters, I just tested it, so the information on the following page may be outdated. But just keep in mind in case there are issues, try a different browser.


Airtable’s support article states at the very top of the article (in red and bold) that the maximum length is 16,000 characters: