Ideas on creating an advanced contact form

hello, I have a small but may complicated issue. I have a data table, that lists several items to view over a website. the form for the table works well to populate the fields and add items. what is needed is another “contact form” that a visitor can use, to send inquiry, where the subject field is “prefilled” with the specific item number that the visitor “clicked-on” and expanded. like adding a button field, that will open that form, with the prefilled value from that exact column-row intersection. any ideas?

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Check out my Prefilled Forms extension to build the url for a prefilled form.

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Also, in addition to using @Kuovonne’s extension to help you out, here is Airtable’s support article on prefilled form URLs:

your extension, is pure magic and so pleasing to use. It did the trick and some. THANK YOU…
And Thanks to Scott for this amazing forum. (I had zero responses off the airtable forum :))
This is what we have: as we are in processing of building the web, we intend to use airtable in numerous ways for the team once we roll out the business. For now, we set up a database table, to list items that our visitors can view. We are NOT remotely a high volume sort or retail. We list very few special (high $) items. (medical equipment), so using the old sql within the web is not needed as we never have to worry about back end maintenance and updates, and furthermore, we can update the list by the forms / apps in seconds, from anywhere.
That said. Using your app, if implemented directly into the set up data base table, would add an “entry” to the same table, which is not a good idea since that is a shared view on the website.
So I did a little cheat, by creating another table, called item inquiry, and created its own form with: name, email, tel etc (contact info), a message line, PLUS : items number and item name. Now used this new form with your extension, with its own url, but with data extraction from the original table, where the sku number and item name are prefilled. WORKED GREAT, with ass on that now we have a new private table, that will gather all the inquiries forever, as to who, when and inquired about what.
Just fantastic.
Thanks again

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GREAT forum Scott, thank you.
The Kuovonne extension is in fact amazing and worked great. It is a miracle extension.
Thank You

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You’re welcome! I’m so glad that you have already gotten great use out of this forum! :smiley: