Anyone notice the form field validation/character limits in the new interface forms?

You can now add character limits to text fields.

You can also add range limits to number fields and validate emails.

Is this new or am I late to the party?


Welcome to the community, @ReaganLynn!

Whaaat! That’s very cool! :star_struck::sparkles:

I think you’re the very first person in any community to discover that! :smiley: :raised_hands:

Congratulations on being the first to discover a very exciting new feature! :trophy:

(I’d love to see Airtable roll this out to normal data entry fields as well — i.e. non-forms.)

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I agree! It would definitely protect the integrity of our data and prevent those pesky entry errors (which happen more often than I would like :sweat_smile:)

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Cool. Thanks for sharing. Looks like it is only for interface forms and not form views, and matches the validation available in the “new record” layouts in interfaces.

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