Linked Record "Previews" In Interfaces vs Data

If adding a linked record to a standard data-side grid view you see the preview fields.

If adding a linked record to a grid inserted into an interface, the preview fields are not there.

I’ve looked and I can’t find anyplace I can control that.

A client pointed this out to me and asked if I can “turn on” the previews in the interface. I’m going to tell them there is not a way. But I’m checking here just in case I’m wrong and there is.

Thank you!

Hi, the below answer received from Airtable community (Facebook Group). Please try this.

“When you add a linked record to a grid on an Airtable interface, you can see the preview fields by enabling them in the settings. To do this, open the interface in edit mode, select the grid, and then click on the settings gear icon. Under “Fields to Show”, you’ll see a list of all the fields in the linked record. Find the fields you want to preview and switch them to “on”. You should now be able to see the preview fields when viewing the interface. Is that what you’re looking for?”

Hi Samksa. I appreciate you trying to find a response. But this did not work for me.

Hi @Alisha_Sadeski,

You can get the photos to show if you drag the linked record field onto your interface as its own separate element.

But that might throw off the rest of your interface, and it might not even be possible at all if you chose one of the “newer” interfaces. You would have to choose one of the “original 5” interfaces (record list, record review, blank, etc.)