Drilling into the linked record from the linked filed - shows the fields visible based on the topmost (1st) view in the table

Was this always the case? Or did it change recently.
I made some changes in table, so it’s possible I didn’t notice it.

I have Table 1 Record Field linked to Table 2 Record Field (selection liimited to a View)

If I now want to take a look at the record from Table 2 and go to drill in it in Table 1 (clicking the linked field in Table 1), what I am getting the fields visibility determined by the 1st view in Table 2. That is even through I set the field selection is limited to a specific view in Table 2 and that view there has a specific field visibility).

This is quite an inconvenience because what I am getting in the drill down view of the record from Table 2 are the fields visible/hidden not by the view I am limiting the selection but by the very first view in Table 2.

That an issue of course if I have more than 1 linked field pointing to Table2 and if I want to show different visible fields.

I don’t know, what is always the case, I don’t remember.

I believe that it’s always been like that, but I’m not 100% sure.

It definitely respects the view’s field settings when selecting the linked records, and it really SHOULD respect the view’s field settings when expanding the linked record as well (because it already does this when you expand the record in the other table).

I would submit it as a feature request to support@airtable.com.

In the meantime, the good news is that you can completely control the experience from interfaces instead of using the data layer.

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