Linked Records Secondary fields

Does anyone have the definitive guide on the secondary fields that are visible to a linked record select?

I think in the Web app Grid view, the secondary fields are delivered from the Top Most view on the linked table. Can anyone confirm this?

In the mobile app I am a little more lost there seems to be inconsistencies between Android and iPhone mobile apps. Do these follow the same pattern as the web app?

Do you mean the preview of three field values that shows up in the record picker?

I think the three fields are the first three fields of the most recently used view of the linked table. But I am not sure. I do know that the three preview fields in iOS changed on me with no schema changes.

Yes, the lookup fields that are in the preview. I am attempting to modify them on the mobile app but and see inconsistency across the two OSs

It is extremely confusing and frustrating. This is how I understand it:

  1. Airtable starts off by choosing the topmost grid view of the linked table.

  2. As soon as you move another grid view into the topmost location, that becomes the new linked view.

  3. However, if somebody changes the topmost view into a personal view for themselves, then that personal view is locked in forever as the new linked view, and you can’t change it. Even if you shuffle views around, that personal view remains the linked view.

  4. So at that point, the only way to get a new linked view is to spend time figuring out which personal view is “locked in” as the linked view, then change that view to your own personal view (if it isn’t already your own personal view), and then change it to a collaborative view. Now you can freely move a different view to the topmost view again.

This is how I believe it works on desktop, but I’m not sure how it works on mobile.

Sounds like the preview fields when picking a linked record is matches the first few fields in the expanded record view?

Oh, wow! Great question, and something that I wasn’t entirely clear about until I just tested this!

  1. It only picks from the topmost “grid view”, so it ignores gallery views, kanban views, etc.

  2. But… get this… it picks the first few fields that show up in the order they are listed when you click on the “Show Fields / Hide Fields” button in the toolbar! So even if your first few fields are HIDDEN, they will still show up in the linked record selection! To change the order of the fields, you actually have to go into the “Show Fields / Hide Fields” button and change the order there!

Wow, very confusing.

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Yah, this reminds me that I need to re-post a feature enhancement request in their Product Ideas forum.

This madness has to end.