A powerful alternative to Airtable interfaces and forms - On2Air Forms

If you’re looking for a powerful alternative to Airtable interfaces, check out On2Air Forms.

With On2Air Forms, you can create custom interfaces and dashboards connected to your Airtable data for anyone on your team or outside your organization.

See the live form here - Form by On2Air

What do our customers use On2Air Forms for?

  • Allow others to update their own information in Airtable (without seeing anything else)
  • Creating or editing linked records in a single form/interface (subforms)
  • Powerful logic and in-form automation for showing/hiding fields or adding data
  • Share landing pages with anyone
  • Mobile/Tablet friendly and useful for on-the-go or in the office
  • Custom fields like editing and viewing Google Files, Embed any other website, Formulas, and more
  • Front-end display for any data

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@Hannah_Wiginton On2Air Forms is a fantastic product! My clients love it! :smiley:

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Looks good. @ScottWorld out of interest, how many clients do you have using it?

This and the massive community rejection of the latest Interfaces “downdate” is more evidence that Airtable is losing its lead in the battle for front-end dominance. It had it to lose, and it is doing exactly that.

This is also evidence that we may begin to witness a fracture in how no/low-code apps are constructed. New product mixes will challenge two front-end classes (internal and external) and one back-end class.

One must ask -

Is there a future world where On2Air Forms + Rowy/Firebase could compete with Airtable itself?

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on2air has seized development of their Forms app. The only thing left is on2air Backups.

Yes, sadly, On2Air Forms has been discontinued.

Some fantastic replacements:

  • Fillout is currently the most advanced form tool that communicates in real time with Airtable, and it goes way beyond Airtable’s form capabilities. It supports all the features that all of us have wished Airtable’s forms had. For example, features like creating new linked records in a form, having nested linked records many levels deep (i.e. linked records through many tables), dynamic conditional filtering, and much more. It’s pretty incredible.

  • Noloco is currently the most powerful portal tool & interface builder tool that works natively with Airtable. It is so incredibly rich & complex, and it supports all of Airtable’s field types. It goes way beyond Airtable’s interfaces. I gave a demonstration of Noloco on this episode of the BuiltOnAir podcast.

  • For forms that are super-advanced but don’t communicate natively with Airtable (i.e. they require a tool like Make to communicate with Airtable), I also love JotForm and Cognito Forms.

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I guess we have that answer now.