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Am creating a form to add inventory items with qty details, but how i can update more than one item or records using the form, like if i added first item and how i can add the second items details before submitting the form or we can update only one record per form submission ?

That is not possible with Airtable’s forms.

You can only submit one record per form submission, but you can turn on the option at the bottom of the form to show a “Submit another response” button. That gives people an easy way to bring up another blank form.

You can also enable the option to “Show a new blank form after 5 seconds”, which will automatically bring up a blank form for them.

If you wanted to show a whole bunch of “line items” on your form, you could do that with 3rd-party tools like On2Air Forms, MiniExtensions, or JotForm, but those would all have to be linked to a “master record” in another table, so you would be creating both a record in a master table along with line items in another table.

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Thank you so much for the clarification @ScottWorld

You’re welcome! Let me know if you have any more questions!

@ScottWorld or we can upload a CSV using form with same record field name format which directly update the respective fields after the submission, is it possible?

You can use the CSV Import extension to import records into an existing table, but that requires your users to be Airtable collaborators of your base (so you can’t do it through a form).

Otherwise, in order to parse a CSV file, you could use Make’s Parse CSV module to parse through a CSV file that you upload to a cloud drive or that you download from an attachment field. Setting up Make would be very tricky if it’s your first time using it (because there is a huge learning curve), but I have lots of clients doing it that way.

Airtable also has the ability to email CSV files to an email address, but it puts that data into a read-only sync table so it’s not a very desirable end result. You might be able to parse through those records with an Airtable automation afterwards.

Also, similar to that ,3rd option above, you could email a CSV to a Make mailhook, and then have a Make scenario parse the CSV file from there. This would give you more flexibility than Airtable’s emailing method.

A few more thoughts on the ideas above:

If you used JotForm as your form which listed a bunch of line items, you could use Make’s JotForm integration to iterate through the line items and create new records for each line item. You wouldn’t need to create a “master record” this way.

If you allowed users to upload a CSV file through an attachment field in an Airtable form, you could use Make to extract the attachment and parse it.

Although I never asked you — what is your use-case scenario?

Dear @ScottWorld thank you for your valuable information,

Our scenario is Client have a shopify account and once they get some order request they can directly notify to Airtable records, like once they get some order they will update through forms and will notify in our order table for further delivery arrangements, so they are asking they can add more than one items or upload an excel file/pdf using forms or connect this form directly into client’s shopify account.

Can they simply update their order in Shopify after they’ve placed the order? If so, then I would just keep your customers there and have Shopify communicate the changes to Airtable. There are several different ways of doing that… Make, Zapier, or AirPower. AirPower might be the easiest.

Let me check Airpower, we are the one who introduce Airtable to them and they are planning to move from Zoho to Airtable but they need to run a demo first before setup the complete process flow in Airtable.

Also am checking the Make training videos based on your post and will see if it’s fit for our process.

Thank you for your time :smiley: @ScottWorld

You’re welcome! Those Make training videos should hopefully help out a lot, but if you feel the need to hire an Airtable consultant to help you get over the learning curve of Make — or to help you with anything else we’ve spoken about — always feel free to contact me through my website! :slight_smile:
Airtable consulting — ScottWorld

Hey there,

You could use our Subforms/Linked Record feature in On2Air Forms, as Scott mentioned. The Subform is where you’ll add or edit your Line Items.

Here’s an example you can tinker with - Both the Clients and Estimate fields are linked records

Hi @Hannah_Wiginton yes am checking On2Air if it’s really fit our business process mainly in document creation and forms submisison.


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