Dropbox Share Links via Make

Hi all,

I have a number of Make scenarios which create a sharelink from Dropbox and then upload that document to Airtable.

Up until a few days ago the share link that was being created looked like this:

I could then use the replace function (as per the make documentation) to change the link to:

However in the last two days it appears the output link has changed to:


Which has broken my automation and has stopped the file being able to be uploaded to Airtable - it is uploaded and then deleted as Airyable is unable to access the document at the given URL.

Has anyone come across this issue recently and if so is there a workaround to get the same output as previously?

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the community, @theofield! :slight_smile:

I’m not having any problems with Dropbox and share links in Make. I just created a scenario in Make and it works just fine.

Here is what my scenario looks like:

Thanks @ScottWorld - can you please take a look at the output of the download link from the Share Link module?

In my scenario it seems to have changed (I wonder if this is something to do with my dropbox settings?), this is what I get:

If you copy & paste that link into a web browser after changing the “www” to “dl”, does it download the file for you in your web browser?

My links have nothing after the “dl=1” portion of the URL. In other words, all of my Dropbox links end at “dl=1”.

You may want to take a look at my Dropbox settings above in the 2nd screenshot to make sure that you have the same settings on your end in Make.

Also, make sure you’re doing the same substitution that I’m doing in the 3rd screenshot above.

Also, the Dropbox API has changed over the years. If this is an old scenario, you might want to try recreating it from scratch and see what happens.

If none of the above helps, you may want to reach out to either Dropbox support or Make support to see if they have any insights. But be sure to post back here with any insights that you discover! :slight_smile:

Thanks @ScottWorld - the link after the substitution gives me a 404 - which is why Airtable cannot fetch the file.

I will recreate the scenario and see if that changes anything.

In the mean time I have gone back to Google Drive, however I am slightly worried that it might get rate limited again.