Transitioning from API Key to oAuth/Personal Access Tokens

I just realized that Make might not be giving people any way to easily transition their old Airtable connections (using Airtable’s API key) over to the new Airtable connections (oAuth or Personal Access Tokens).

Airtable is discontinuing API Keys in February 2024 in favor of oAuth and Personal Access Tokens, but as it stands right now in Make, you are required to create a whole new connection to Airtable – instead of being given the ability to modify an existing Airtable connection.

What this likely means is that people will need to go through every single Airtable module in every single Make scenario and update each module to use the new connection.

Some of my clients have (literally) hundreds of Make scenarios with dozens of Airtable modules within each scenario. So this is a transition that could take hours of manual labor.

(I’m not sure how Zapier is planning on handling this transition.)

Wow, that would be a lot of work. Maybe this is just their initial “get something out the door” to show they’re aware.

At On2Air, we’ve made it super simple to switch from the API Key method to OAuth. Just a few clicks.

Transfer Airtable API Key to OAuth Authentication in On2Air

Hopefully, Make will make it easier at some point.


In the grand scheme of things, a few hours to update 100’s Make Scenarios is still better than a few days of updating one Microsoft PowerAutomate Flow.


I was actually quite impressed how quickly Make added the OAuth connection, but you are right this will be so much mindless clicking to exchange those connection! Same situation, here multiple client accounts with Airtable&Make scenarios.

Well at least it will be a good conversation starter to older clients :grin: Those breaking changes really give jobs, don’t they…

I just recalled that there is this legacy Integromat Dev Tools Chrome Extension! I rarely us it, but it allows for some mass changes on scenario. I have just tested it and it has “Swap connection” feature.

The way it works is:

  • you change connection on one of the modules → here “Search Records”
  • and if you do not specify the target module it will change it on all Airtable modules

I tested it on a single scenario and seems to be working OK

This devtool looks long forgotten but seems to be still working and can be downloaded from here:

If Make doesn’t come up with a way to exchange connections from API key to OAuth - this will be at least a few clicks less!


We often tell ourselves – it could be worse – in an attempt to gain a little comfort in the miserable situation we got sucked into.

Let’s face the realities that Dan got it [architecturally] right, and Make blew it. What product designer would ever place authentication at the component level, knowing full well that a single recipe could have many references to the same service? Clowns.

Certainly, you want an automation recipe to have the agility to call upon the same service using different security contexts, but this is the exception - not the rule. Clowns.

Just another - in a long list of reasons - to be wary of the glue-factories.


so true. I’ve been trying to create a PowerAutomate flow and ugh - it’s not fun or intuitive.

Congratulations, @Hannah_Wiginton, on making the authentication transition as seamless as possible for your customers! :smiley: :raised_hands:

Unfortunately, confirming what @bfrench said about clowns working at, I just got confirmation from Make’s support team today that there will NOT be any easy way to transition old Airtable connections to new Airtable connections. :angry: :-1:

So thank you so much, @Greg_vonF, for finding & documenting that partial workaround for all of us with the unsupported but apparently still-working Integromat DevTool!

Everybody should note that this will STILL be a very time-consuming process for everybody to manually transition all of their Airtable scenarios in Make, but at least that tool will save us a significant amount of time!

I’ve never used the DevTool before, so thank you for explaining how to use it.

Here is the email that I received from Make today:

Unfortunately, it will be required to change all the connections manually or with the use of our DevTool.


Haha, I’ve never used PowerAutomate before! I’m so glad I’ve never dived into it!

But as a lifelong Apple supporter & former righthand man to Steve Jobs, I’ve always hated Microsoft! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Me and Steve in 2001:

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You should have leaned in and whispered “BUTTONS! BUTTONS! BUTTONS!” just to see how he would react.

Hahaha!! :rofl:

I did lean in and whisper “GESTURES! GESTURES! GESTURES!”, which I commemorated in the video series below, which went viral in 2012.

Trust me, these jokes were VERY FUNNY and VERY RELEVANT at the time!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shit Apple Fanatics Say, Part 1

Shit Apple Fanatics Say, Part 2

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Wooooo that is so awesome! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

(BTW was it like a company policy not to wear belt with pants? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I would not be able to operate a Mac for the love of it… still weirdly though I use iPod Nano from about time of that photo…

Cool videos Scott!

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Haha, thank you! :smiley: I freelanced with Steve and the Apple Executive Team for 6 years, speaking onstage at all of their major events and speaking at their first 21 Apple Retail Store grand openings! :slight_smile:

LOL!!! :rofl: And it was company policy to smile without showing teeth, too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you so much! :blush: