keep file name of attachment via API

I use and the cloudinary module. And the file name is changed when I upload it to cloudinary. is there a way for me to keep the original name?
I found Scott’s post: Automate changing the file name of an attachment - Airtable Community
But I don’t know the details of setting his modules

Welcome to the community, @nguyennhattao!

Can you post screenshots of your Make scenario, so we can see what you’re trying to do? It sounds like you’re taking an attachment from Airtable, running it through Cloudinary, and then re-uploading it to Airtable again?

here is my scenario. the result i get is a url image with watermark but the name is random

Thank you. i solved the problem

That’s great! How did you solve it?

I didn’t know the field attachment had a box file name before. I didn’t know this basic thing. but now new problem comes to me. when i download the file. then its extension changed from .jpg to .jpg_. although the file name displayed in the airtable does not have the “_” character

What is Cloudinary’s output returning to you in module #43 for the URL? Is it returning the URL to you with the extra underscore character at the end of it?

cloudinary returns the URL without the underscore character

I fixed the problem again. thank you :smile:

You probably typed an extra space after the filename.