Airtable and Make For Google Doc

I am trying to get Airtable records into Google Docs. My Make scenario locates an Airtable record based on a number of criteria, then locates the linked records associated with that record. I then use the Google Docs module to create a Doc from a template and put the main record details into the identified {{fields}} on the Doc. All this works great and as expected…

For the linked records, I am trying to get them into an actual ‘Table’ in the Google Doc. I need a table structure as you are never sure how many linked records need to be added. I would like each linked record to be a 'row’ in the Google Doc table. I have used the Aggregate Array and Aggregate Table modules to manipulate the records prior to placing them into the Doc. I can get all the fields (values) into the Doc, but in no way that I found thus far can I get the record fields into an actual table (cell) structure.

Has anyone done anything like this?


Airtable actually has a function built into automations for this, they can even output a grid/table.

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Ironically, I just did this for a client last month using Make’s Microsoft Word modules… they even have an example of this at the very top of their Microsoft Word documentation.

However, they have much less documentation for their Google Docs modules. I would assume that there must be similar functionality within their Google Doc modules, but I don’t see it documented anywhere.

I would open a support ticket with Make about this issue, and please report back here with what they say so we can all learn from this! :slight_smile:

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I’d love to hear about this as well as I have the exact same issue. I’m currently resorting to adding a few extra rows and deleting them prior to finalizing the document. I’d love to be able to dynamically set the table length based on the Airtable data via Make. In the past, I’ve used tables in a Google template with no borders, so you can’t really tell if there are a few empty rows at the bottom, but that is not even close to ideal.

It’s true that you can do this directly through Airtable automations to create a Google Doc, but the options are very limited and don’t support my use cases. Please do report back if you find a working solution with Make.

One other option, if you have only one table per document, would be to create new Google Doc templates, one for each potential length of table, and then select the appropriate template based on the number of records in the table via Airtable. Again, this is a crappy workaround, but could potentially work if you expect a limited number of rows.

Yea, that makes sense. But I must ask - doesn’t SmartSuite’s SmartDoc field eliminate all dependencies on external document systems?