Get Docusign URL for Airtable

Hello! I am using Make to send signature requests via Docusign. I’ve also set up a webhook that will notify Make when the recipient signs the document. My goal is to use the webhook to get a URL from Docusign that I can pass to an Airtable attachment field, so that I can store the signed PDF in Airtable. There is a Make module for downloading the PDF, but that doesn’t help since Airtable can’t take documents - it needs a URL so that it can download the document itself. So my 2 questions are:

  1. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get such a URL from the Docusign API? This is the most preferrable solution
  2. If there isn’t a way to get the URL, has anyone built other automations for uploading a PDF to Sharepoint/OneDrive and then generating a share link from that which can be passed to Airtable?

I actually just did this exact setup for a client a few weeks ago.

And yes, you are correct — unfortunately, you have to get a cloud drive involved to get the URL of the file to send to Airtable.

Here’s a screenshot of our setup:

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That’s a bummer but it’s nice to see that the workaround is fairly straightforward. Thank you @ScottWorld!!

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Dropping back in here because I decided to go the OneDrive route. I’m getting what looks like permissions errors when I try to upload to a specific folder using “Upload a File” module:
[401] This access token is not valid on this endpoint.

I am not very familiar with OneDrive, but I think that the account I’m using should have the right access. A “Search Files/Folders” module is able to pull information, but the “Upload File” module is returning the error (which makes me think it is a permissions issue). Just curious if there are common pitfalls to be aware of