Using Glide as a front end for Airtable

Hello all

I have been using Glide a lot recently, to build front ends for Airtable Bases and had a lot of success.

Anyone else used it? I don’t hear much (any!) talk about it in the usual Airtable forums etc.


I’ve been meaning to check it out! It’s supposed to be great!

I know that @Kamille-Parks has spent a lot of time with it — perhaps she will chime in to give her thoughts on it.

I use Glide for some smaller projects I’ve got going on and really like it for a mobile experience. Ithink the webapp version still leaves some to be desired, but i think the company’s direction is very promising

Thanks both

I have found it (just about) does what I need it to do, but you’re right, the Webapp version (Glide Pages) is still lagging behind the mobile apps version. They are making strides to catch up, and the feeling is that Apps will be phased out and replaced by Pages at some point in the future.

To be honest though, as a business owner who is just trying to find a solution to the problem (a decent front end to Airtable) - Glide is the best I have found. The others just didn’t do it for me.

GLIDE is the best frontend experience for airtable as a Mobile web App
and heaven knows I had tried things like Google App Script and Webflow.
All those were not bad and have not been definitively discontinued.
I proceeded with GLIDE because I was in a hurry to test this workflow, this UI / UX, with my Film Students who consume my Mobile Web Apps to test them while waiting for me to propose them a more definitive UX.
To test UI / UX with my film students, GLIDE and AIRTABLE are the right choice.
My Pictures and Videos are stored in (google cloud firebase UI) which behaves as a CDN.
Any text or custom code is stored in Airtable with the URLs (references) of the images and videos stored in


Thanks for that. Interesting.

I agree - Glide works for me as all I want to do is present data (schedules / lists etc) in a way users can refer to quickly and easily. It needs to be clear and concise.

I’m not building fancy front ends selling services.

So Glide Pages works well for me. It’s quick to build a robust and functional front end with all my data still in Airtable. I also have some interfaces in Airtable which only I use (I only have one collaborator in Airtable) but of course any changes I make show up in glide almost instantly.

I use Cloudinary - along with their excellent image transformations - to store images.

Always keen to hear of other solutions though. Always learning! Have tried Sofrt but lack of grouping records is a killer for me.


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I agree about “excellent image transformations”

What I prefer at is to stay close to founding developers through Github Discussions and Discord !

This is another place to be to learn a lot !


Glide is great, I have been using it for about 2 years now. One thing I dont like is that you can only choose 1 Airtable source and it follows your account. So for instance I have a local project with Airtable and when clients invite me to their projects I cant setup or configure their Airtable, it defaults to my Datasource.

I hope that changes, Otherwise no complaints.

There’s also free version, here are the limitations:

I heard about it and meant to try it out. Do you have any public examples of working apps? Anything worth sharing? I am interested to see how the design side looks like.


Guess you know that’s changed now? You can have more than one Airtable data source.