A no-code backend for Airtable integrated to a powerful and designerish builder

Hi everybody :wave:

I have seen how much demand there is for Airtable websites and also saw a trend of Airtablers switching website builders platform once they hit limits.

This led me working on nocodebase.xyz, a no-code backend for Airtable with developer superpowers and integrated to a powerful and designerish website builder - Versoly.

With the combination of these two tools, I’m trying to find a sweet spot of powerful and designerish Airtable websites.

I’m looking for some people with past experience building websites and using Airtable as a data source to test it.

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Welcome to the community, @engjellsela!

This looks cool! You may want to chat with @dan about appearing on the BuiltOnAir podcast to show this off!