Transpose data from records to fields

I have been scratching my head over this one and could use a nudge in the right direction.

The simplified use case is:

Table A has 1000 records.
Field 1 = Category
Field 2 = Label

There are 100 categories hence 100 sets of 10 ‘Labels’ each. Some of the ‘Labels’ feature in multiple categories … there are ~150 ‘Labels’ rather than 1000.

The goal is to create a different form for each of these 100 categories using one of the fields in Table A as the Field Name in the form. Essentially, the goal is to transpose a record from Table A into a field name in Table B.

The key is that: the data in Table A is not static and the field names in Table B need to reflect any changes.

Some ideas:

  • One can update the field names using ‘updateNameAsync’ (I believe), but can I transpose the data as well?
  • Export (sync) from Airtable to Google Sheets and transpose the data there, then reimport to Airtable in a new table 150 fields (Labels) wide?
  • The pivot table extension displays what I’m after, but how to get that into a new table?

Any thoughts?

Why are the field names needing to change in Table B? I’m not sure I understand that.

Instead I’d make a form in Fillout and just Display the question differently and write to the same fields. That will get you a cleaner result. Then just load in the field names via url parameters that you can pull from Table 1.

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I get it, but that’s a bad goal. :wink:

You need a new goal - like make one [virtualized] form that acts like a hundred different forms.

@joshsorenson - thank you!

This is ideal. I see that I was unnecessarily overcomplicating a simple problem. The URL parameters do the trick nicely.

Hi @bfrench - yes, that sounds like a far better goal.

I suspect that it’s beyond my scope for the time being.

What I described on will achieve that very easily.