Shared links to Airtable forms - behaviour on Android (normal link vs embedded)

Have you noticed how the shared links to Airtable web-forms are being handled on Android. I don’t remember since when is this the issue maybe I just didn’t notice the difference.

I like to create a link for web form (Airtable form) and then create a shortcut on Android home screen (I like to use the app Website Shortcut on Android for that but there are plenty other similar apps or custom home screens allow adding URLs shortcuts as well). This allows me to open the form quickly regardless if I have browser opened or not.

  1. When I create a normal sharing link, the link opens Airtable app on Android. It takes quite long to open the web form, essentially the Airtable app handles the link and then opens the web form in it.

  2. When I create an embedded sharing link instead, the link opens in the web browser on Android and it opens pretty fast, as I would expect for a simple form.

If I don’t have Airtable app installed on Android, the normal sharing links are opened in web browser.

To solve this issue, I went to the App Info preferences for Airtable into the “Open by default” section and I have set for supported links “Open” (can’t be removed) to “Don’t allow”. Now the normal sharing links open in the web browser as expected and fast, pretty much same speed as the embedded links.

I use Via browser on Android for quick edits and it handles Airtable form well. Alternative is Browservio app which uses webview on Android. I find these two are fastest way to open Airtable webform on Android.