New Features in On2Air Forms for Airtable - Google Docs Editor, Use w/Softr, HTML Editor + more!

We just announced several new features in On2Air Forms for Airtable! Plus we’re about to launch several more in the next week! Sign up for Free to use it with your Airtable bases.


  • Use with Softr (dynamic per logged in user!)
  • HTML Editor, Markdown Editor, JSON Editor
  • Advanced Date and Time Formatting (overcomes Airtable limitations)
  • We’re ahead of the game - OAuth Connection that Airtable will require next year

Launching next week:

  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides Editor! - You can edit or preview any of these files, then save it BACK to an Airtable field!
  • Embed Custom Field - embed a website or any type of online content
  • Spacing field - add space anywhere on the form

Upcoming in the next month:

  • Drag and Drop Form Designer - We’re working on making it much easier to build your form and move form fields around with a new drag and drop designer.
  • Multiple Field Variation on a single and multiple rows - With the new Designer, you’ll soon be able to add multiple fields or single fields on any row in the same form

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This is awesome, @Hannah_Wiginton! :star_struck: :raised_hands:

Question: We can still get full portal capabilities with On2Air Forms without needing Softr, correct?

One of my clients wants each employee to have their own unique link that they can click on to show them a grid view of their own customers only… and then be able to edit their own customers and add new customers for themselves.

This is fully possible with just On2Air forms on its own, right?

Hey Scott,

Yes you can do everything you’re describing!

The only thing we don’t have at the moment is Login Abilities (passwords), though it is on the roadmap.

You can set it up to where everything is filtered per employee and they each have a unique URL.

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That’s great to hear, @Hannah_Wiginton! :smiley:

Thankfully, my client doesn’t need logins at the moment! They can do everything with a unique URL. :slight_smile:

I have a more advanced question for you, too. MiniExtensions has this feature, and I wonder if On2Air Forms has it?

Can On2Air Forms restrict a linked record field’s options to only show records that are based on a Record ID that isn’t stored in a linked record field, but based on a Record ID that is stored in a lookup field, a formula field, or a text field?

Here’s a real-world example:

We have a “salespeople” table is linked to a “clients” table. On2Air Forms can handle this perfectly fine, as you mentioned above.

But now we have added a 3rd table: An “appointment scheduling” table.

In this 3rd table, each record is linked to one salesperson and one client. So we’ve created a many-to-many relationship with this 3rd table.

We want each salesperson to be able to view/create/edit appointments for themselves (i.e. linked to themselves). On2Air Forms can handle this just fine.

But — when they get to the “client” linked record field, we only want each salesperson to be able to choose from their own list of clients. We can lookup the Salesperson’s Record ID into this table using a lookup field (or a formula field or a text field), but this table would never have a “direct link” between the Salesperson table and the Clients table, because it is a completely separate 3rd table.

MiniExtensions would let us choose any text field to filter linked records on, so we would use an Airtable automation to copy-and-paste the Salesperson Record ID into the text field, and then MiniExtensions would filter the linked records based on the Salesperson Record ID in that text field.

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Following up here to confirm for the thread, yes this is a feature in On2Air Forms for Airtable!

Scott and I have been in conversation the past couple of weeks about this.

On2Air Forms allows you to filter your records per another record and even with “many-to-many” relationships, such as a 3rd table.

Learn more about Filtering in On2Air Forms

And here’s his client’s response after using the feature!


@Hannah_Wiginton @dan

I completely agree with my client’s assessment of On2Air Forms!!

The product is fantastic, and thank you so much for working with us to add & enhance all of these incredible features in the product!! :smiley: :raised_hands:

I’m so excited to be able to start moving my clients away from MiniExtensions to On2Air Forms, and I can’t wait to play with all the new features that you keep adding into the product!