Quick lookup field (search for records in your database quickly)

This is probably obvious but I find this useful every day. If you know how search on mobile device works, you may find the search on desktop Airtable so 1990’s. On mobile if you type, the records are filtered quickly. On desktop search works by jumping from field to next.

(There is an annoyance on desktop where the finder window in Airtable overlaps the top most right field of the first record. So the search highlights the field and the finder overlay box obscures the view so you don’t know what is the field name.)

But on desktop I can’t quickly filter records when I am searching for a record with an expression. I could use some extension… too slow, too many clicks. Or use Filter to filter records. Same thing.

Often I don’t even know which of the fields has the word I am looking for and the search box jumps from field to next horizontally, so it takes a while to go to the end of the list to find what I am looking for.

I wish there was a quick way doing it, as it is done on mobile device.

So the way I have solved it is my first Field in the table is concatenated from other fields and I created a Lookup field that is basically linking to the same table. Now I can quickly type into the Lookup field and the records that contain the word I am looking are filtered on the fly. Then I open a record I want to see and the record detail opens. It’s still not same as search on mobile but I find it faster to get to the record I want to see when searching.