AlfredApp Workflow to search Airtable? (MacOS)

I searched high and low, there are plenty of Alfred app workflows for Coda but can’t find much anything for Airtable, to search Airtable database for a specific record. Tried to get something through GPT but it’s useless if I don’t know exactly the formatting or the logic of how this is supposed to work.

Anybody uses Alfred as power user? Perhaps if you have a minute and if you like to be generous and publish your Alfred search workflow that would be awesome.

I don’t even expect to be able to browse the records in Alfred as the Version2 of Coda worflow for Alfred implies. I would be perfectly happy if I get perhaps a link to the record that I open in the browser to navigate. So perhaps the script would search for the record based on a field (primary field, or even non-primary field) and fetch the recordID and then open the record in the browser. Or it would open the link and the view will be filtered by the record I am looking for. Or something like that. That would be totally AWESOME!!

Or Maybe KeyboardMaestro could do that, but same, I have no clue where to go from here other what I already found out here.

Here is Coda plugin (new):

Here is the original plugin for Coda:


curlCommand="curl -s '${baseId}/${tableName}?filterByFormula=(FIND(\"${searchTerm}\",%7BItemTitle%7D))' -H \"Authorization: Bearer ${personalAccessToken}\" -H \"Content-Type: application/json\""

# Execute curl command and capture the result
theResult=$(eval $curlCommand)

# Parse JSON response and output Alfred-compatible JSON
items=$(echo "${theResult}" | jq -r '.records[] | {title: .fields.ItemTitle, subtitle: .fields.Description}')

# Convert to Alfred JSON format
echo "{ \"items\": ["
while IFS= read -r item; do
    echo "    {"
    echo "        \"title\": \"$(echo "${item}" | jq -r '.title')\","
    echo "        \"subtitle\": \"$(echo "${item}" | jq -r '.subtitle')\","
    echo "        \"arg\": \"$(echo "${item}" | jq -r '.title')\""
    echo "    },"
done <<< "${items}"
echo "]}"