CTRL+F search in Airtable - highlighted result field behind the search box

Is it just my browser or am I not alone. One particular thing bothers is when I search quickly in browser for something in the current table view by pressing CTRL+F, the search box I type the search expression into overlaps the highlighted cell it finds. I have to move the table with the highlighted cell to the left to see the content of the highlighted cell hidden behind the search box.

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Yes, this is one of my biggest pet peeves about searching for fields in Airtable. Please report it to support@airtable.com, and please add it to the feature request thread with a screenshot, if you can.

I already did a while back. They told me to zoom out my screen so it wouldn’t overlap… :smirk::roll_eyes:

Mobile search works well (when it decides to work), I kind of prefer when the records are filtered on the fly and only the records show that contain the search term. However, that maybe wishful thinking and may not be achievable without redesign. So still, if they can move that search box it would be a satisfying improvement.
I sort of didn’t feel that this would deserve to be listed on the feature request thread as this is more of a bug. No new feature. If you want me to list bugs, there would be another 100 pages on that post :wink:

Wowwww. Unbelievable. :man_facepalming:

In 10/2022, so we’re only 6 months later.

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