Noloco <> Airtable Live Sync

Hey everyone :wave:

Last week we (Noloco) rolled out a major update that’s going to make your Airtable data sync with Noloco in real-time. Say hello to live-sync, our new system for keeping everything up-to-date, instantly, always.

With Live-sync, the moment you make a change in Airtable – whether it’s updating a record, adding a new one, or deleting – it’s immediately reflected in Noloco. This means no more waiting around for the sync to catch up. Your data is where it needs to be, the second you need it there.

Before Live-sync, updates from Airtable took anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes to show up in Noloco, depending on your plan. This was fine for some customers, but we knew we could do better, as many of you depend on consistent data across both Noloco and Airtable.

Now, with live-sync, your data doesn’t just sync faster, but instantly.

Want to see it in action? Checkout Dan Leeman’s Video :point_down:

Why are we excited about this?

Live-sync streamlines your workflow like never before. Live sync isn’t just about speed; it’s about making your data management seamless, efficient, and as real-time as it gets.

Now, collaboration across your team is seamless, whether they’re working in an Airtable base or a Noloco app. Immediate access to the latest data equips you to act swiftly and maintain a competitive edge, whether you’re overseeing sales, keeping tabs on inventory, or keeping customers up to date.

Live Airtable sync is available to all Noloco users and is included on all plans. To take advantage of real-time sync functionality, you might need to upgrade your Airtable connection from your app, if that’s the case you will see a popup in your app. If you have used your app in the last few months, you have probably already done this.

If you want to get started with Noloco’s live sync, you can sign up for free today

Thanks @ScottWorld for suggesting that I post here, I’m sure this update will be huge for this community!


Really a great improvement, @darragh. The live sync and the new PWA add yet more reasons why Noloco is my go-to portal.