Noloco - Transform your Airtable base into a custom app, tailor-made to optimize your business

Hey TableForums Community,

I’m Darragh, CEO and Co-founder of Noloco, and I’m thrilled to join this vibrant community of Airtable enthusiasts. A big shout-out to @ScottWorld for extending the invite!

For those of you who may not have come across us, Noloco is a no-code app builder designed to take the power of Airtable to the next level. With Noloco, you can transform your Airtable data into tailor-made apps, be it internal tools, client portals, or custom CRM systems, optimizing your business processes in a snap.

We built Noloco to solve the complex problems that can arise when scaling with Airtable (and other data sources), especially when it comes to permissions & personalization, automating workflows and extending access to customers, clients or non-technical team members. With our platform, you can easily create comprehensive and intuitive applications that perfectly fit your workflows, all while leveraging the flexibility and robustness of your Airtable bases and keeping your data secure.

Here’s why Noloco can be a game changer:

  1. Seamless Integration: Noloco’s deep integration with Airtable (using OAuth, not sharing links) makes it a breeze to build apps based on your existing bases. With just a few clicks, you can bring over your data and get started on creating an interface that matches your workflow needs.
  2. Powerful Automation: Noloco allows you to automate complex workflows that interact with your Airtable data. Our user-friendly workflow editor lets you create multi-step automations, handling everything from simple tasks to complex operations, and saving you and your team hours of manual work.
  3. Custom Client Portals: With Noloco, you can build custom, branded client portals that provide your clients with personalized access to their data in your Airtable. This way, you can offer a sophisticated and professional experience to your clients without having to worry about the technicalities.
  4. Role-based Access Controls: Noloco offers advanced permission settings, allowing you to control who can view or modify specific data. This feature is particularly useful when building internal tools, ensuring that your data stays secure while providing your team with the access they need or client portals, where a given client should only see their customer data.

So, whether you’re looking to enhance the client experience, streamline internal processes, or build the perfect CRM on top of Airtable, Noloco is designed to make it easy, fast, and secure.

Want to see a quick demo: watch me build an app in 5 minutes
:point_right: Noloco 5 minute demo - YouTube

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, need advice, or just want to chat about all things no-code and Airtable. Looking forward to learning from all of you and sharing our journey as we continue to evolve Noloco!

Best, Darragh


Welcome to the community, @darragh!

And thanks for sharing all of this information about Noloco!

I’m using Noloco to build a portal for one of my clients right now! :slight_smile:


Thanks Scott! You know where to find me if you need anything or have any questions

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I’m also using Noloco for a client portal.

The use case is only one or two internal users and ~125 external users (contractors within the organisation), so the pricing is attractive. The client was looking for something similar to an Airtable grid view, and Noloco’s ‘Full-width Table’ does the job nicely.

The UI is intuitive, and configuring user permissions is dead easy. Top-notch (fast!) support was the cherry on the cake … so two thumbs up from me.


Welcome to the forum!

When we think of scale, record limits mostly come to mind. I’d like to tee up three parts to that -

  1. The shear limit of your platform in practical terms.
  2. The underlying data architecture. Is it Rowy-like (i.e., Firebase?), or something else?
  3. The issue of automation runs, a deeply debated and heated topic of Airtable that often surprises enterprise users.

Feel free to explore these points when you have time.

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Thanks Bill! Some great questions there.

The shear limit of your platform in practical terms.

Because we sync with other platforms, and in particular Postgres and MySQL, we are designed from Day 1 to handle many more records than something like Airtable can, and we haven’t yet approached any record limits. It’s not a problem to have >100k records in an app (or much more).
The only time it becomes an issue is if you have >50k records in an Airtable table (not a base), then syncing that base can be slightly slower than the rest, but our app isn’t any more sluggish as a result

The underlying data architecture. Is it Rowy-like (i.e., Firebase?), or something else?

We’re powered by MongoDB, and lots of other performance bits on top, but that’s the underlying data store

The issue of automation runs, a deeply debated and heated topic of Airtable that often surprises enterprise users.

Can you clarify this bit for me? What exactly is the issue you see often - we certainly haven’t seen any issue with automation runs on our end so far away as our plans can scale with usage.

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Airtable businesses run out of automation run quotas before the end of the month.

Gotcha, well we don’t have a hard limit. We do charge if you go over the number included in your plan, but we don’t stop your automation from running.

Our limits are also a bit higher than Airtable on their lower plans.

You can find out more here: Plans and pricing - Noloco

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