- Basic Training & Navigation Tips

Hi everybody!

I created a Loom video at this link to show off some basic navigation tips for Make’s advanced automations & integrations. There are a few hidden gems in here that you might not have previously known about.

Some of the tips that I cover in this video:

  • You can move modules around in any order that you want. You just need to unlink them by right-clicking on the path, and then relink them by dragging.

  • You can make a different module the very first module by dragging the little lightning bolt icon (which is sometimes a clock icon) onto a different module.

  • The order that paths get followed after a router are determined by the order that you can connect the paths in.

  • You can click on the “magic wand” icon in the bottom toolbar to BOTH cleanup the scenario AND rearrange the paths in the order that Make will follow.

Click here to watch my video.


Also, for an extremely comprehensive multi-hour training course on Make, you can watch Make’s partner certification videos.


And, to instantly trigger a webhook in Make from your Airtable base, I’ve posted a tutorial here:

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Scott - Good stuff. Thank you for that.

Is there somewhere you can point me that might deal with, or help explain these two issues in Make that I am struggling with:

  1. How to get Airtable linked records to be properly formatted and displayed in a Google Doc (created via a template). I use the {{data}} to properly place the primary data, but without know how many linked records will be coming from Airtable, the challenge is properly formatting and specifically identifying where the linked records will go (kind of leads into the second issue below)

  2. Understanding the Make/Google Doc usage (or maybe limitations) of “Segment IDs” so that I can properly place images and data (linked records) at specific locations with a Google Doc. I use the Get Document to retrieve the specifics about the Google Doc, but there does not seem to be much control over how items get located/placed.

There is very little documentation or instruction on the Make site to help with any of this.


Welcome to the community, @Ken!

Yeah, Make has pretty underwhelming documentation. It’s incomplete and difficult to search.

I’m not sure what a “Segment ID” is. But as far as linked records go, it might be easiest to create a lookup field or a rollup field in Airtable, and then reference that field in your Make scenario.

Otherwise, you would need to create a different path in your scenario to gather all the inked records and aggregate them using one of Make’s “aggregator tools”. From the “Tools” menu at the bottom of the scenario, there is a choice of table aggregator, text aggregator, and numeric aggregator. That will take an array and turn it into a text table, a string of text (which could be something like HTML or JSON), or a numeric summarization.

The opposite can be down from the “Flow Control” menu with the “Array Aggregator”. That takes a series of bundles and turns them into an Array.

Excellent post, I’m new to the forum and it helps me to understand how to trigger the process. I am making my first steps in make and what I want to do is nothing more than to get a report that google docs can then pass to pdf (make has a template for it but sends it by mail). My problem is how to pass all the amount of data I want in the report (the movements of the day) Do you have any post or reference to which I can turn to understand how to do this? Thank you very much!

Welcome to the community, @Juanjoge!

Make’s documentation for Google Docs is located here.

If you have more specific questions, I would recommend starting a new post for greater visibility, along with screenshots of your Make scenario.

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I have a few items on the wish list and this was one.
Another one is the Iterator and Aggregator modules which is a bit hard to follow their documentation.

Yes I agree, I wish I have more guidance on this 2 modules

Make has an extremely comprehensive multi-hour training course here.

The “Basics” course covers aggregators, and the “Intermediate” course covers iterators.


@ScottWorld I know this is an olllld thread. But I was curious about the flow you were using and noticed that the loom has died. Did you move it, or is it just gone now?


Thank you for letting me know that the Loom video was no longer working!

It seems like Loom must have changed the URL of the video, because the URL is now different. Very strange!

I’ve updated the link above, and now the video is working again! :slight_smile:

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Hi @ScottWorld, looking like a really helpful post but I think the link may have died again.

Welcome to the community, @joelcra!

Thanks for the heads-up!

It looks like it is Discourse (this forum software) that seems to be expiring the video after a certain amount of time.

To prevent this problem from happening again in the future, I’ve updated my original post above with hyperlinked text to the video, instead of embedding the video into the forum post itself.

You can click here to watch my video.