Zoho Desk and Airtable using Make

I have an airtable base that tracks our tech tickets created in Zoho Desk. I use a webhook to get the data from Zoho desk into Make. I have three fields that are single select in Zoho Desk that are linked record fields in airtable. I understand that I need to use the record id for the fields in my automation in make, but not sure how to do that. Saw the latest Built On Air podcast where @ScottWorld showed a demo on simple and complex arrays that was on a similar topic. My linked reord fields are as follows:
Agency- Options here are
A007- record ID recdQTum8XNiVLLoL
A026- record ID rec8Uyeeq7iLzhpcc
A157- record ID rec0ks0cyZLpE1ILy

I also have a category field that has five options, and a ticket owner field with three options. I won’t list out the record IDs for these as I feel like if I can get a solution for the agency field, it should work for the other ones as well.

Thought I would post an update. All my issues with the linked record fields were resolved by simply selected True for the Amart Links field in the Airtable Upsert Module. No longer need to use record ID. It works exactly as I needed it to.

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Welcome to the community, @pbmax4423!

That’s great to hear that you solved it! :smiley:

Yeah, I meant to mention Make’s “Smart Links” option on yesterday’s podcast, but I forgot! (“Smart Links” is Make’s name for Airtable’s “typecast” option in their REST API.)

Below is the link for those who missed the podcast!