Limit Number of Items

No one noticed?



Thanks for posting! Looks like they silently released this on Friday.

That’s a pretty cool new feature, but it’s very disappointing that they don’t give us the ability to automatically sort the linked records in any way.

“First” and “Last” are essentially meaningless unless the linked records can be meaningfully sorted.

We have long needed the ability to automatically sort linked records by any field that we want to sort by — which is a feature that all other database apps offer (all database apps that I know of).

However, this is definitely a baby step in the right direction. Hopefully, they will finish building this feature.


I couldn’t agree more with every word you just said.

I can’t help but wonder if this is the first steps into finally getting Sort toggles for Linked Fields. When you think about it - the Lookup “Limit to the Last/First” elements will really only be useful for those sorting the source Linked Field - a task that’s either manual (only really applicable for small arrays), or only approachable from a Script.