Looping (Repeating) Automations - with linked records how?

Wondering how do I get the Linked Record fields available as an input list source. I have both linked fields between 2 tables and lookup fields and they both contain multiple linked records. I also tried with linked field linking to the same table. Nope. The field doesn’t show up as available the Select Input List window there.
How do I do this loops with linked data?

Looking at the help page (not much info there), it doesn’t say if I can use the repeating group with an automation that is triggered on schedule. It seems I can’t. I need to use other triggers and then the linked field is available to use as input list field.

I think I should do this over the linked field and not the search action. I can use the search action but the list is limited to 100 and seems if I use the linked record the list can be 8000 items. So better to use Linkedfield, not to mention it is faster than the Search action step.

I doing something wrong here I guess but the help page is not of much use.

Your trigger is at scheduled time. Thus there is no triggering record. Thus you cannot select a linked record field for a repeating group, because there is no table/record.