It's here 🚀 - Conditional Logic in On2Air Forms for Airtable

Excited to share the launch of powerful Conditional Logic in On2Air Forms for Airtable!

Need to show or hide fields based on what a form user answers in another field?

What about being able to add a value to a form field based on another field response?

You can now do all of this with Conditional Logic in On2Air Forms!

What is Conditional Logic?

Conditional Logic is a type of in-form automation that allows you to complete tasks like show/hide fields based on field answers, add or remove field values, require fields, set options, and display field templates, all based on field responses.

Trigger Options
You can perform these actions based on what the user selects in another field

  • Show Fields - show the field
  • Hide Fields - hide the field
  • Optional Field - make the field optional
  • Require Field - require the field
  • Display Field - display the field
  • Edit - make the field editable
  • Active - make the field active (option to complete it or not)
  • Disable - disable the field
  • Set Value - add an actual value or response in the field
  • Clear Value - clear the value or response in the field
  • Set Options - add select field options or options from other fields
  • Set Template - create field templates and display them dynamically depending on user response

Get started with On2Air Forms for Airtable

You can use a Forever Free account always. You can start a 7-day trial of Conditional Logic to see how it can work for you.


This is awesome, @Hannah_Wiginton!! Thank you for sharing with us!! :smiley: :raised_hands: :dizzy:

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