Interface limits

Oh wow, this could be very disappointing and/or alarming for people who create complex interfaces with lots of elements on those pages.

Airtable claims to support 50 interface pages per interface group, but their definition of “interface page” is extremely misleading at best:

The sound of the other shoe dropping.

In almost 100% of the cases, new [major] Airtable features contain architectural ceilings that are not initially discoverable or never exposed by Airtable until it’s too late.

Personally I find interfaces configuration and setup is user-unfriendly and more complicated it needs to be. They should drop it and start from scratch the design of it.

Interfaces have been built gradually with new features having to fit in with what is already out there. It is like building a house while someone is living in it.

I also think some of the limits are to control the proliferation of unused. The limit on views is really high and we end up with bases littered with old views that people don’t bother to delete or are afraid to delete. However having a limited number of interface pages and automations forces us to think carefully about our designs and clean up unused stuff.

I do think the limits on interface pages and automations are too low, but I also think crazy high limits have problems too.

I am hopeful that these limits will be increased. The limit on the number of automations was increased from 25 to 50. The record limits for enterprise are about to go up.

Had they followed their original [rumored] planned architecture, there would be no practical page limits because CSS/HTML is virtually limitless. They decided to implement it as a closed, proprietary environment without access by anyone to primitive customization. Failing to build it on open web standards was a huge mistake.

There are certain things in a platform that should be proprietary. Interfaces was not one of them. Web apps should be just that - web apps. Airtable decided to create a deeply dependent interface feature that required a unique transpiler that they – and only they – can change.