Don't you find the limit of 10 extensions/base for Pro level bit too little?

The Pro account allows maximum 10 extensions per base. Given the extensions are running locally, there is limited impact on Airtable servers. This is the one single aspect of Airtable pricing where I have to say Airtable is skimming users on this one.

So if you need more than 10 extensions using regularly you basically need either to upgrade to Enterprise or pay 3rd party integration tools like Integromat (which is Okay but Integromat is not cheap over 10,000 operations and those add up quickly.

While 10 extensions is a low number, the partial good news here is that it’s only 10 ACTIVE extensions. So you can install & configure as many extensions as you’d like, but just enable the ones you need when you need them. Just make sure that no more than 10 are enabled at any given time.

Also, does not compete against extensions, since it doesn’t provide a user interface. Make competes against Airtable automations.

The 10 extensions per base limit was not always present for the Pro plan. In the announcement post about the change, mine is the first reply and I called it indefensible. One year later and I still find it to be indefensible.


And my scathing reply comes just 2 messages down from @Kamille-Parks’ comment.

I don’t think anybody from Airtable ever gave us a valid explanation for the massive downgrade. I suppose the most obvious answer is that they wanted to do something to try to force people into buying the Enterprise Plan (which is a minimum cost of $9,000 per year).

So yes, @itoldusoandso, we are definitely in agreement with you that it’s not something to be happy about.