How are you using Nested Records in Lists?

While the new Lists feature can be really nice in certain situations, it took a little reformatting of my brain to understand how it all works together.

That said, I cannot for the life of me understand the use case of nested records on Level 1.

It seems tailor-made for subtasks, and I was excited for that, but the new nested records still show up under level 1, even if they are nested under a level 1 task. Plus, without an automation, even if the ‘parent’ record is ‘completed’, the subtasks aren’t also ‘completed’.

Does anyone have a use case that might make a bit more sense to me?

How are you using lists? Do you like them?

For me personally, I have found the new list view to be pretty unintuitive, so I haven’t rolled it out yet to my clients. I actually tried rolling it out with one client, but they found it too cumbersome & counterproductive to continue committing to it. They felt like it was so much easier to just use linked record fields instead of the new list view.

There are definitely some strange behaviors in terms of what Airtable considers to be a subtask, and how it groups level 1 items & their associated subtasks. It seems like if a “level 1 task” has BOTH a subtask AND is considered to be a subtask for another level 1 task, then things start getting pretty strange on the list view. But I’m sure that that’s not the ONLY time when weird things happen. It seems like things can be pretty unpredictable on the list view.

For now, I consider this to be a “beta feature” that needs more refinement.

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This begs another question (probably for @Kuovonne) - does the script SDK load a view of type “list” as a flattened (or nested) collection of parent children? If so, there’s a big advantage if – AND ONLY IF performance is good.