Can you pass multiple values to a Shared View filter URL using filterHasAnyOf?

Airtable supports many filter operators for shared views but I’m wondering if it’s even possible to pass multiple values into a single ‘filterHasAnyOf’ string or if you are still required to create a separate filter string for each unique value.

Since you can’t mix the ‘OR’ and ‘AND’ operators in a URL filter, being able to pass multiple values in a ‘filterHasAnyOf’ seems like it would be a great work around. The Airtable documentation doesn’t provide any direction on that syntax though.

Do any of you know?

I don’t know how to pass multiple values into those filter parameters. None of my guesses worked.

I suspect that the disclaimer at the top of the page means that the feature was not fully implemented and the author of the support article didn’t have access to that feature at the time of writing. It’s a shame that the feature was only partially documented, but we don’t have enough information to implement it.

I suspect that this feature isn’t used much because the learning curve is kinda high for no-coders, and it isn’t a secure way of showing hiding non-relevant records. So maybe the feature got axed before it was fully implemented?

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This was right around when the layoffs happened now that you mention it.