Missing something simple with dashboard filters?

I’m creating my first dashboard using the new dashboard interface. Overall, it’s a definite improvement, but (per usual it seems), there are some small things that seem to be a step back.

I want to add a user controlled filter on a set of numbers and charts that allows users to filter by a date field. In the old interface layout, I would add two date filters so that users could look for records BETWEEN dates. Now, it seems like I can add that date field to the filter only once, which means you can no longer filter for a specific time frame (only before/after a given date)? Is that correct? Am I missing something?

[I guess I could add a second field that is a formula referencing the initial date field, but a) that’s confusing; and b) I don’t even know if that would be a supported field for filtering in the new interface?]

Also: something I was disappointed wasn’t included in the new release was shortening big summary numbers (especially $) to millions in the “number cards”. Is there any easy fix to this?

Yep, this is one of the biggest and most frustrating limitations of the new dashboard.

You actually figured out the only solution available to us — creating additional formula fields to make this happen. :man_facepalming:t2:

Be sure to email support@airtable.com to report this issue to them.

You can also report the number abbreviation issue to them as well, although that could likely be worked around with a complex formula… but of course, that is yet another additional formula field.

It’s possible that @Kuovonne or someone else in the community has already created that formula.

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So regarding the number abbreviation issue, you just mean creating a field that changes a record from $1,000 to $.001 M? That seems silly (it makes no sense with the individual record, only when aggregating!!) but is a good solution for the specific problem.

Thank you!!

And I will report this issue.

A very quick follow up: I did create a second field simply referencing the first field but formatted it as a $ in the $XX.X M form and then aggregated that field instead. It worked perfectly on the dashboard. Thank you! (But, again, a kind of silly workaround.)

[Also, the charts using this field seem to work in the opposite direction, not as expected. Not as important for us but weird nonetheless.]

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