Rollup field only has one option to filter

Hi there,

I’d consider myself an Airtable Power user, knowing my way around all sorts of formulas, rollups, views, automations, interfaces, the works.

But now I’m stumped about something totally basic: a rollup field.

Because I only have one option to filter it. In the support article screenshots of I can see clearly the option to chose more filters.

Also the filter I set doesn’t work, the one I chose here, is take those from before end of this year and sum them. Pretty straight forward one might think, but it doesn’t filter, it shows the complete sum of all linked records and not just those before the set date just as if I set no filter.

And it’s really such a simple rollup - have I forgotten how this works suddenly?
Basically what I want is to be able to filter the sums of the linked records by whatever time frame I set.

Just done further testing, the filter not working must have something to do with it being a date and/or formula. Because when I test a simple single line field with a specific entry, then it filters accordingly. But not when I chose the formula field that I also have in the linked record giving me the year of the record (by which I want to filter) or the date field as shown above.
this is weird - or not? What am I doing wrong?

You should have the ability to add multiple conditions. I have multiple conditions in my rollup fields. (See screenshot below.)

However, for filtering on a date, it has to be in the date format that Airtable specifies when you choose a date on the dropdown calendar. In other words, “31.12.2023” is not a valid date.

Thanks Scott,
I definitely do not have multiple options to filter as you can see, that is so weird. I’ve looked into other bases and same problem everywhere. I can’t think of a rollup offhand to check that has multiple options. Only did “simple” rollups so far I believe, am going deeper down that rabbit hole.

As for the date - ah ok, I usually fill it in in the way the greyed out help suggests. Sometimes it’s the ISO format, sometimes what I changed it to. But good input, will play around.

But also that it would except a contains filter for a single line field but not for basically the same from a formular field, even if I add &“”, makes no difference.

So I can’t even change the date format because it uses the one that is set for the field. I choose the date from the calendar picker. If I try to add it in ISO format it won’t let me or rather puts in a wird date because it interprets it differently, expecting my format (Austrian).
If I change the format in the field itself it also changes in the rollup field, so I have no influence on that at that point.

@Bettina Very weird. You may want to send an email to to have them look into these issues. (The ISO date formatting might be normal behavior, but the rest of the issues are odd.)

Yes I did contact them.

However - I made a mistake too! The filter mysterium (why only the single field wouldn’t work) is because I pulled in a rollup field, so that was a layer too deep. It was the wrong field anyway (smilar name though hence I got confused… )
When I use the correct field the filter works as expected.
However I still have only one filter option. That remains weird.

I have tried different browsers, incognito windows, cleared cache, rebooted altogether, nothing. still only one filter option. this is so odd.
but when will they reply? I have another ticket which is far more mission critical and still haven’t heard from them (from 4 days ago)

in my search for troubleshooting I now found that airtable has a desktop app, that evaded me up until now, and guess what, there I have multiple options :slight_smile:
phew at least I found a workaround