BuiltOnAir - This Week's Podcast - S17:E06 - AI Base Generator, Conditonal Logic in Interfaces

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Alli Alosa – A fine artist turned “techie” passionate about organization and automation. I’m also proud to be a Community Leader in the Airtable forum, and a co-host of the BuiltOnAir podcast. My favorite part about being an Airtable consultant and developer is that I get to talk with people from all sorts of industries, and each project is an opportunity to learn how a business works.

Kamille Parks – An Airtable Community Forums Leader and the developer behind the custom Airtable app “Scheduler”, one of the winning projects in the Airtable Custom Blocks Contest now widely available on the Marketplace. I focus on building simple scripts, automations, and custom apps for Airtable that streamline data entry and everyday workflows.

Dan Fellars – Founder of Openside, On2Air, and BuiltOnAir. I love automation and software. When not coding the next feature of On2Air, I love spending time with my wife and kids and golfing.


Round The Bases – 00:2:37 –

Roundup of what’s happening in the Airtable communities – Airtable, BuiltOnAir, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Meet the Experts – 00:17:59 –

Meet Tom Halloran from No Code Paradigm

Hi there, I’m an indie Airtable / NoCode consultant. Over the past few months (on the side) I’ve developed a tool that helps consultants sell Airtable to clients who are unfamiliar with it and are unsure of it’s value My tool is called BaseMaker, and it uses Generative AI to rapidly generate dummy data to fit with any client project.

It allows the consultant to ‘bring Airtable to life’ by populating a prototype Base with believable, realistic dummy data in minutes e.g. you have a construction company wanting to manage their construction staff, projects and materials. You build them a quick prototype base (don’t use AI for this) Basemaker then takes the background info about the client and any specific requirements you have (e.g. size or duration of typical construction projects for this firm) to generate realistic, client-tailored dummy data.

I used it for a project I did in London a couple of months ago, many of the images you see were developed using data from Basemaker:

Base Showcase – 00:29:57 – AI Base Generator

We dive into a full working base that Tom Halloran will showcase how to build bases from AI with full high-quality data and highly personalized.

A Case for Interface – 00:47:03 – Explore Interfaces with “Conditional Logic”

Kamille will walk through Conditional Logic functionality within Interface Detail pages and forms.