Automations overriding one another

We have 7 different “campaign” types we sell to our advertisers, many of which have overlapping items (i.e. and Instagram Story). I want to create automations so that when a new record (Campaign A) is created, all of the line items for that type of campaign are also created, along with their starting point for each cell. The issue I am having is, since Campaign B also has an Instagram story, but has a different starting point, the cells within the Instagram Story line are initially populated correctly and then overridden by the other automation. Is there a way to have them both be live, or will each line item in every type of campaign have to be different, even though they are the same product? I’ve attached two screen shots of the different automations for you to see what I mean…

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I’m not sure I fully understand. Are you saying that for each client record in your database, you want to schedule multiple different types of campaigns for that particular client, and each campaign type also has its own list of tasks associated with it as well?

if so, this would require a significantly more complex setup, and it would also make data entry a little bit more difficult as well. Automating this would be slightly challenging as well.

This sort of a setup would likely require a “many-to-many relationship”, which requires 3 tables that are all linked together.

You would have:
(1) a clients table,
(2) a campaign type table, and
(3) a line items table.

The line items table is where you would do most of the data entry. Each line item would be linked to ONLY ONE client and ONLY ONE campaign type, and would also have its own unique start date. Then, you could build the calendar from the line items table.

This can get a little bit complicated, but Airtable has an article discussing many-to-many relationships here:

No this isn’t per client, it’s per campaign. So as you can see below when I added a Campaign L in, the automation created a line item just as it was supposed to, but then it was overridden by another automation that is tied to Instagram Stories…so essentially I need to find a way for just that initial automation to run/work when the campaign line is the first step. There are times where we add on random Instagram Stories (added value for a client let’s say) where the starting point is different

Perhaps you can create a Loom video to explain the problem in more detail?

My initial reaction is that your automation needs to take into account both the campaign starting point as well as the campaign line item. You may be able to do this by using different conditional actions or by using multiple automations with different triggers.

Yeah, so the only problem with different triggers, is that we have about 8 campaigns, so I don’t know how I would configure 8 different triggers for the same goal of creating the line items each campaign needs.
This could very well just be something that Airtable could enact with a feature request (no idea how long) but as of now, I don’t think that would work, as each of the 8 campaigns have overlapping items.

Can you list out the different situations in plain English? What are the input fields and values that uniquely identify each situation?