Synced multiple, related tables — maintaining relationships

Hey! As many of you know, syncing multiple, related tables (views) in Airtable doesn’t maintain relationships between those tables in the synced base.

What are your workarounds for this? I’ve been thinking about it a bit and don’t find any of my solutions particulary satisfying…


Recreate the linked relationships in the synced tables and have automations recreate the links. Keep in mind you only need to recreate one side of each link.

If you are sure that all of your primary fields are 100% unique, have an automation that updates the new linked record field to the synced value of the original linked record field.

If primary fields might not be unique, have a formula field that shows the record ID in the original table. For each linked record field, also have a roll up that shows the linked record IDs. Then used the synced record IDs and rollups of linked record IDs to recreate the links in the automation. If there will be only one linked record, you can do this with a find records action and an update record action. Usually at least one side of the link will have only one linked record. If the linked relationship is many-to-many, you will need scripting to parse out the individual record IDs in the sync of the roll up.

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