Ask an Expert - Open Discussion Meetings?

If there were levels of expertise in Low/Code on a scale from 1 - 10, I would be a 5. Is there anywhere where I could go to spend time talking through problems with an expert? Most of my learning has been self taught, but I’d love to learn by discussion if anyone knows where I could look.

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the community, @AGuckert!

You can typically hire an expert Airtable consultant to talk through all of your problems with you! I’m one of the top consultants, and there are dozens of other top Airtable consultants in this forum as well.

If you’re looking for free discussions, this is a fantastic forum for posting questions and starting discussions!

Additionally, you can join the BuiltOnAir Slack community, which is another terrific forum for posting questions and starting discussions!

I know that Reddit and Facebook have dedicated Airtable communities, too.

I’m sure that other people will have other ideas for you below as well! :smiley:

Thanks for recommending the BuiltOnAir Slack community!

Hello @AGuckert !

Scott gave a solid overview of potential ways of discussing with (Airtable) experts.

Depending on your region/country, there might be local communities as well.
For instance, I live in France, and we have the awesome No-Code France community, which has a Slack server and a dedicated channel for Airtable.

If you’re looking at strengthening your own expertise, here are some other possibilities that might be of interest:

  • Online courses such as Airtable 360° (unfortunately for you, this one is in French) - I’m not aware of good online courses in English
  • Getting in touch with an expert directly (some provide free advices)

I do provide free advices when meeting new people (30mn), if you’d like to give it a try! :wink:

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I have a great beginning-level course here: Learning Airtable. it is somewhat outdated, but it will be refreshed this year!