Discord Channel/Live Help Resource

Hello, (If I’m posting this in the wrong place please feel free to let me know.)

I’ve created an Airtable Discord Channel that I would like to share with the Airtable Community. A place where community members can go to get help or provide help to other Airtable users.

Currently the Discord Channel is new so there are no users as I write this. I’m looking to grow this community with helpful users and provide a place for anyone to come and seek help.

If your interested in joining, please come and join! Airtable Support

I just added a new feature to the discord channel. Airtable’s What’s new base will now create new post in the Airtable-Updates channel that I’ve added. We are up to 19 members and looking to continue to grow.

If you’d like to join and check it out here is the link:

My first question is, are you an Airtable engineer?

I find Discord is good platform to get help and connect with actual publisher but it is not optimal when it comes to sharing and learning outside of discord platform. I don’t bother to login to discord to search for channels when I look for solutions to problems. First thing I do is go to ChatGPT and then Google. If help is not found I would end up on a forum like this. But what’s with Discord. AFAIK Discord, same as Slack is not searchable, and if it is indexed by Google somewhere, I don’t find results ranking very high.


Thank you for your message. No, I am not an Airtable engineer. However, I’m an Airtable user (I’ve been using Airtable for 3+ years building an entire ecosystem of interconnected bases all communicating to eachother) and I’m looking to provide a live chat support Discord server for users who’d either like to help or seeking help.

As for Discord, the channels are indeed searchable.


My idea for building up this Discord server is mainly having live support. If this is something you’re not interested in I completely understand, however if you wanna check it out feel free to join. It’s just getting started, but I’m hoping it continues to grow.

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HI there. Do you have a new link for the Discord?

Hello! I didn’t know the link expired so I’ve updated the settings and this link should not expire moving forward.

We can talk about search and choose software that meets your requirements.

For some reason I was having reports of the link expiring again. Here is my last attempt in hoping it doesn’t expire. Airtable Support