403 Use Column ID: false / Invalid permissions when connecting Make and Airtable


I am new to Airtable and Make.com… have tried to make 2 steps work for a month and it has not been working…

THE GOAL: What I am trying to do is to extract the transcript from a video file, so after I can produce a written article, a title for the article and the video, and a description for Mr. YouTube.

ERROR: Use Column ID: False

STEPS: (STEP 1: connecting with Webhook => OK). STEP 2: Getting a record from Airtable and put it into make to transfer the info into Google Drive (video transcript).

Problem in STEP 2
I have checked the names and IDs and I don’t know what I am missing. My administrator did the same operation and it showed the “Use Column ID: false”, but we didn’t have any problems or errors until now. I have re-written all the code, redone the tables and the whole process. Have updated all my permissions and the token on Airtable. I have 1 test record.

ID formula: RECORD_ID()

Welcome to the community, @Lee!

Is your webhook sending a valid Airtable Record ID to Make?

If so, then be sure to map that module’s Record ID output in the Airtable “Get A Record” module.