Why are Airtable webhooks breaking after a while

I have a webhook created for POST in this format… (I obfuscated the string):


I got it from here:

The issue is the hook stops working after a while. For no reason. I made no changes to it for several weeks or months since I created it. When I past the URL that the automation gives me (see picture above), I am getting a 404. When I look at the certificate error it says the certificate not matching the website. When I look at the certificate it points to this site:

and the address is:

So I don’t know if this is Airtable using them or what is the issue.

Is this normal the hooks are failing like this?

I can’t post anything to Airtable through the hook.

You can’t just paste that webhook address into a web browser. Airtable uses POST webhooks, not GET webhooks.

If you’re looking for GET webhooks (in addition to POST webhooks), you would need to use Make’s custom webhooks and custom webhook responses:

Have you reported this to Airtable support? (Yeah, I know support is slow to respond. But if there is an issue with the certificate, there isn’t anything a regular user can do about it.)

Just tested today again and seems issue fixed again working fine :grinning:

Yes, was just testing the link in browser, it wouldn’t show 404 but some other message if it was working. I found it because my touch gesture on Android didn’t work to send the text to Airtable. My little Android gesture macro for Airtable:

Late to the party, but Airtable webhooks expire after 7 days. This is intentional and documented for webhooks generated via the web API, though I’m not sure this applies to Automation webhooks.

If you want to refresh your web api webhooks, then you can run this post request on a schedule: Airtable Web API

Good to know.

So far so good, other than that hitch, the Automation generated webhooks still continue work even after several weeks.
That’s enough for pushing text to Airtable. I guess that is what Airtable allows without the mandatory exiration on the API webhook.
I hope this is not an omission and Airtable wouldn’t plug this as updating the webhook in the 3rd party application would need to be done manually.